Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday's Child #51 The Pond

she waddled, waddled, waddled
and she fuddled, fuddled, fuddled
then said follow me
as she headed for the puddle

she pointed to the frog
she pointed to the turtle
she pointed to the puddle
that was growing by leaps and hurdles

the boy listened with his ears
the boy listened with his eyes
the boy listened to the duck
being so tall and wise

he said enjoy your new home
he said enjoy your summer swim
he said everyone enjoy
before winter comes again

so into the pond went the frog
into the pond went the turtle
into the pond went the ducks
as the boy did smile and did giggle

copyrighted 2011

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  1. I am a winter fan... This is filled with happiness and was fun to read


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